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400 Dogs' Lives Saved in the First 6 Months of 2013

From January to end of June 2013 Dog Rescue Newcastle saved 400 dogs from death in local Hunter and surrounding council pounds and from situations of neglect or abandonment. We have more than 70 dogs in foster care at any given time, so we are always in need of more foster carers to assist in saving more lives. 

762 Dogs' Lives Saved in 2012

In 2012 Dog Rescue Newcastle saved 762 dogs from death in local Hunter and surrounding council pounds and from situations of neglect or abandonment. We have more than 70 dogs in foster care at any given time, so we are always in need of more foster carers to assist in saving more lives. 

Henry in the pound and after rescue

We are funded by donations and all work is done by volunteers, so saving 762 dogs in just one year is an outstanding achievement. We rely on our generous volunteers who feed, wash, walk, care for and open their homes to abandoned companion animals. Without the generosity of our community and volunteers these animals would not have this second chance at a happy life.

All donations $2 and over to Dog Rescue Newcastle are tax deductible. We pay for all veterinary care for our animals. All animals have been de-sexed, vaccinated, micro chipped and registered. We carry out interviews and property checks on prospective adoptive parents before allowing any dog to be re-homed. 

“Dog Rescue Newcastle will continue to work hard within the community and with local councils and other shelters to improve the chances for abandoned, impounded, neglected or abused companion animals to find a second home that can provide the love, care and support they need to flourish” says co-founder Sue Barker.

Our 4 Year Anniversary: Nearly 3,000 Pets Saved

May 2012 marked our 4 year anniversary. Since that time we have we have saved more than 2,200 dogs and 600 cats from death in local pounds. This has been achieved by the incredible dedication of our two co-founders, Anne and Sue, assisted by a group of hard working volunteers and foster carers.

Shiloh is one of the lucky onesIt's a big job trying to stem the tide of misery resulting from greedy people who profit by breeding more and more puppies and kittens while perfectly healthy, but unwanted pets die in pounds. As long as politicians fail to stand up to the pet breeding and selling industry, and people fail to desex their pets, we will need to continue our work of picking up the pieces.

You can see hundreds of photos of our rescued pets at our REHOMED online photo album.


Dumped Puppies Saved

Unfortunately, puppies and kittens left to die in bins, streets, or the bush are a common occurrence. On the 29th of April 2011 a litter of 7 puppies was found in a broccoli box at on a busy street near Sandgate Markets. Luckily someone investigated the box and the pups were found before they died of dehydration, hypothermia or got out of the box and run over. The person who found them brought the puppies to us (photo below). We put out an urgent plea on Facebook for foster carers and the community responded. All the puppies are now safe in foster care and are available for adoption. See Porridge and Patch, and Dyson and Kirby.

Seven puppies found dumped in a box

On the 31st of January 2011 we received a litter of puppies who had been found in Cessnock. Someone had put 9 puppies in a bag and left them to die, outside in 40 degree heat. 4 were dead when they were found, and 1 died the next day. We didn't have a dog with pups who could feed them but we had a cat with kittens. Donnatella kindly consented to share her milk to get them through the first night. The 4 surviving puppies were transferred to a nursing dog the next day and grew into lovely little dogs. They have now all been adopted into loving homes. NBN TV aired their story on 3/2/2011. We hope this tragedy will raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and the importance of early desexing.

Cat nursing puppies

If you would like to help us continue our lifesaving work, please make a donation or help us in may other ways.

Donations Are Tax Deductible

Great news! Donations to Dog Rescue Newcastle are now tax deductible! So now you can help dogs and cats and get a tax deduction too. Instructions for donating are on our Help Us page. If you donate online, be sure to print a receipt for your tax purposes.

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Other News

Pedigree Adoption DrivePedigree pet foods are making a big commitment to animal rescue efforts across Australia with their PEDIGREE Adoption Drive publicity campaign.

Feed a Rescue Dog

PEDIGREE will donate a bowl of dog food to a rescue group for every person who "likes" their Facebook page. They will donate up to 15,000 bowls of food to PetRescue members. If you are a member of Facebook, please signon to your Facebook account then go to PEDIGREE Adoption Drive Facebook page and click on the thumbs up Facebook likeicon to help Pedigree donate food to rescue dogs.

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