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Rescue dogs and cats make the best companions! If you're not sure if a rescue dog or cat is for you, please read about the love and joy these lucky pets have brought to the kind families who have welcomed them into their lives. See hundreds more photos of our success stories.

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Heidi,   Mickey,   Suki,   Wally,   Pugsly,   Mr Darcy,   Scotty & Morgan,   
,   Jessie,   Tess & Pippa,   Mya


I wanted to become a foster carer so I took in Heidi, a 4month old kitten who was supposed to have a deformed foot. Well after a month of looking after her she reminded me of my late cat Tasman who died at Christmas time 2009. So after a lot of thinking I decided to adopt her myself. She has brought so much joy to me and my family and as for the deformed foot, she just has a torn her ligament of one of her toes.

Heidi was due to be put down before Anne rescued her and saved her life. I would like to say thank you to Dog Rescue Newcastle for giving me the oppurtunity to adopt her. I am for ever in their debt for it. XXXOOO. Vicki



MickeyMickey and Snowy

Left: Mickey looking innocent.  Right: Mickey and Snowy shredding paper

Mickey is a complete star. He has been fantastic at cheering up our older female dog, Snowy, (who has always been a bit nervous) and he is so sure of himself that he makes us laugh constantly. I’ve had a few dogs in my life and he is right up there.

Behaving himself? Well, only when he has to – he is actually very bright for a dog his size and has learnt a lot, but he is a terrier at heart – which is why we love him!  We are so grateful for him.
Regards, Leonie


Happy ending for Ellie's last puppy, Suki. She is lapping up the love in her new home with her new sister Molly. Photos from Debby (owner).

Molly and Suki


Above left: Molly (left) and Suki (right) waiting for toast. Above right: After dinner nap.


Merry Xmas to you and your family. I wanted to send this picture of Sir Walter (he is on the right). It has been the most rewarding 12 months having him in our lives. He has so much love and character and Molly (on the left) loves him. I recomend PettRescue all the time. We just wanted to share him 12 months on and to show you how well he is doing with us. So have a safe and merry xmas from all of us. Cheers, Kerry.

Molly and Sir Walter


Pugsly's had a ball with us all over Christmas. He is especially bonded to Melinda!!! (the one who picked him up). Unfortunately, she has left now and he is adjusting to us alone. Santa brought him a new bed, his own special harness and more leads. There was even another toy - a squeaking bone which he loves every bit as much as Tigger (who has taken a battering).

John is gradually gaining his trust and Pugs has even come up to him and sat by him. Every morning Pugsly has a beach walk and every evening it is a short walk around the block. Attached are some family photos - notice who gets a prominent place!!!!! He's a lovely little dog and we are enjoying his company
Warm Regards
Ros :-) (and John)


PugslyPugsly on bikePugsly with toy

Mr Darcy

Our beloved Mr Darcy has settled in beautifully in the last 12 months since I adopted him from DRN. He is a special little man who has brought so much happiness to our family. A few things he loves are: going for drives (he even tries to get behind the wheel!), playing with his cousin-dog Lucy, tickles on his belly, chicken necks, going for long leisurely walks and lazy cuddles with his mummy (lucky me!). I have recommended DRN to others I meet as I believe it is a wonderful way to add a precious pet to your family and save a life too. Thank you to all the foster carers and volunteers from Dog Rescue Newcastle. The work you do is so valued and so important. Keep up the awesome work.
Blessings, Becc

Darcy driving


Scotty and Morgan

Scotty and MorganScotty (left) was adopted from Dog Rescue Newcastle by my friends Claire & Ben in February 2010. I adopted Morgan (right) in December 2010. Scotty is a wowzer breed. He absolutely adores Morgie. Even though Morgan is half Scotty's size, Morgan certainly gives Scotty a run for his money when they are playing! They are good mates and get to see each other regularly. 
Cheers, Celia.


To Dog Rescue Newcastle;
My wife and I have always had two dogs, so when our dog Suzy was put to sleep because of cancer, we bought a fox terrier cross called Bob from you. Bob has settled in really well and he gets along with our other dog. Bob likes to chase the ball and run along the beach and as his notes on your web page said he is very protective. We took him camping and he was very good at ensuring people stayed away from our camp site. Bob didn’t know how to swim, but after some encouragement he was swimming like a champion.

Thank you Dog Rescue Newcastle for taking the time to listen to what we wanted and for recommending Bob to us. We are very happy and we are pretty sure he is happy too.BobBobBob


Photos of Jessie, the blue cattle dog, happy in her new home, with her owner and new playmates. The other dogs are adopted rescue dogs too. Cheers, Annette (Jessie's foster carer).

Jessie Jessie

Tess and Pippa

We were so glad that best friends Tess (originally named Sadie) and Pippa were adopted together and are enjoying their new lives in their loving forever home. Their new Mum, Diana sent these photos and says, "This is Tess(left) with her favourite toy. Everyone who sees her thinks she is a cheerful dog. This is Pippa in her favourite spot. She is a lovely little girl who will take all the love you can give her."

Tess Pippa


Well, since moving to my new home I feel pretty settled in. I've got a whole heap of new toys for inside and outside and I really love the noisy ones. As you know it's been a bit too hot to run around to play with them outside so I've been treated to some ice balls and a frozen beef stock ball but the bloody thing won't sit still long enough for me to get stuck into it. When Stuart came home after working a Saturday morning I got busted sleeping in the bed with Cara! I get different things to eat all the time and most of my evening meals are cooked for me so I'm eating a little slower now, so I can taste the food! Thanks for looking after me until I found a good new home.
Love Mya



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